Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Totally hyped :

Luck isn't something I usually get a lot of. I'm the girl that you know whose car will break down all the time, whose shower would happen to blow up or laptop would bluescreen error midway through a long Photoshop session... But the luck Gods blew some of the nice stuff my way for a weekend, and I got to go to the Isle of Wight festival free, courtesy of H&M.

As if that wasn't amazing enough as it was, my festival, week, month... year was made when I was lucky enough to meet Albert Hammond Jnr. in the VIP tent before The Strokes headlined on the Saturday. As a die hard fan, I've been waiting almost five years for them to go back on tour and visit the UK, and dear god it was worth it. Albert was an absolute sweetheart, and it really made my weekend. So perhaps my luck is changing, or maybe I shouldn't risk jinxing it?


All photos my own

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