Sunday, 2 August 2009

It's alright, I'm a geek :

I miss Nottingham. Why? Four very good reasons...
1. My uni course. I do Fashion Communication and Promotion, it's like every girl's dream, trust.
2. My friends. We talk about fashion alllll day long, it's amaze.
3. My flat/personal space. My lil chav bro is driving me insane after breaking the internet twice already (my life depends on it), and I can't wait for house times next year with 9 housemates. Eeee!
4... I miss Nottingham Waterstones. Yes, you read it right. My hometown is evidently lame and only supplies the mags that I get delivered to my door, i.e. Vogue and Elle, and the weeklys that I buy anyway. Where are all the glossy foreign Vogues, where on earth is Nylon and I miss Purple!?! I am a massive fashion geek at heart, and I am desperately anticipating the days when I can sit on the carpet on the second to top floor at Waterstones and flick through all the gorgeous mags. I hearts Notts.



Karima Illustration said...

I love your blog! go see my blog I draw a lot of things like models... handbag... :) and please leave comments! :)

esther said...

that sounds like really interesting course, im looking to do fashion but not the design side at uni what and where would you recommend looking

esther xx

Jen. said...

You have such a beautful blog - im glad i stumbled across it. I do Fashion Promotion at University too, im just finishing up my final year! :) I have some of my final work up on my blog, feel free to have a look if it interests you.

Jen x