Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Just one of those things :

Sequin shorties. One of those pieces that I saw in Topshop, my heart proceeded to skip a beat, until stopped by my head inadvertently screaming


Black sequin,TopShopFloral,pants,TopShopLeopard Print,pants,TopShop
Sienna Miller looked fabulous (as always) when she stepped out in what looked like Bridget Jones pants, even while stood next to the notorious Anna Wintour :

pants,shorts,Bridget Jones

However I'm not sure that I'd get the same reaction. My friend Ashton wore a pair of black sequinned shorties on our night out the other night, teamed with a cream lace leotard and thick black tights. She looked fabulous. Maybe it's something to do with confidence, but I'm just not sure. How would you wear them? Or would you wear them? I'm intrigued. Maybe festival gear... tights, wellies, pants, you know how it goes...



Mimi said...

wish i could wear them toooo :( theyre gorge but i think body confidence AND bravery play an equal part!!xxx

LAYNE said...

I love love love. following u on bloglovin now :) :)

verseastyle said...

I would so wear the black ones with a long black slip (not see thru) and a oversized comfy cardigan and wedges... now I want them! ha ha