Friday, 24 July 2009

Hot like Coco :

So I'm having one of those phases where I want to change my look. Part of that meaning that after growing out a very short bob for two years, I now (annoyingly) want to snip it all off. Instead of that, I have rounded my hair transformation down to three ideas :
1. Dye it dark brown, which I have done before
2. Dye it auburn, which I tried yesterday, although it is more dark brown than auburn, or
3. PERM! Which costs lots of my well earned cash only to be redone in three months time...

So. I think I'm going to stick with trying to go ginga.. I thought I should post a few inspirational images to make me stick at it. And of course, they had to be of my all time model love (and stunning previous redhead) Coco Rocha. This gal is fierce! I think I may have the biggest girl crush on her.

Coco Rocha,model,Red hair

Coco Rocha,Model,Red hair Coco Rocha,Model,Red hair

Coco Rocha,Model,Red hair


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Aïcha b. said...

waw coco rocha is amazing i loove her style <3