Tuesday, 20 January 2009

NYCjuicebox heart NYC!

I heart NY!!!

No seriously. I really do love New York City! I've long dreamt of being Carrie in her Manhattan apartment... or Blair strutting her stuff in the Upper East Side, and all of the expectations of New York that I had in my Hollywood inspired head... came true! The air coming out of the vents on the streets, yellow taxis literally EVERYWHERE, huge, huge, huge buildings, a beautiful skyline, and SNOW! Oh yes, it snowed!

Obviously when one is in New York, one has to shop. And we did shop. The American market isn't so different to over here, and thankfully (for them!), a new TopShop is opening soon downtown. The shop assistants are far nicer in America in the designer stores, they couldn't have been more friendly.

Central Park (particularly covered in snow) is a beautiful contrast to the city skyline, and the view from the top of the Empire State building literally took my breath away! It has to be the best $20 I had spent over there, it is truly stunning and I completely recommend it!

Carrie and Blair, eat your heart out!


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