Monday, 24 August 2009

Very very win :

I've just found out that I won the Urban Spark giveaway on Nookie's blog! Eee! I never win anything so this was a lovely suprise... I am looking forward to rocking the black Lamina necklace from the Jules collection, if you haven't heard of Urban Spark, check their website! Thanks to Nookie and Urban Spark!

Urban Sparks,Jewellery



Life's short. Type fast. said...

Super cute blog! Congrats on the win!

Lauren said...


I don't know what dye to use for my hair colour! haha. Mine's natural and I've only ever dyed my hair brunette, which was a huge mistake! Growing it out now, back to the ginger.

x x x

Kate Florence said...

awww how sweet is that!? xo

Urban Spark said...

Hopefully you should receieve it very soon!

Thanks for entering.

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