Thursday, 16 July 2009

Glasto glamour :

So festival season is in full bloom, as is the festival fashion. I always love when the glossies ask celebs their festival essentials... so I thought it'd be fun to post mine.

There are the obvious choices :
1. A pop up tent. Far less hassle than all that tent putting-up business, and lighter too. Winner!
2. GROUND MATS or something to sleep on other than a sleeping bag... just trust me from experience.
3. Batiste dry shampoo - far cheaper than it's pro-hairdresser rivals, and does the same job.
4. Deoderant body wipes and baby wipes.
5. Wellies. Any kind will do! That said, if anyone would like to purchase me a pair of limited edition Jimmy Choo for Hunter wellies, I am a size 5 (38), and would quite literally love you forever. Here is a photo for reference and a link for ease ;)

Wellies,Jimmy Choo

As I can't afford the £235 that the Jimmy Choo Hunter's cost, I will be sticking with last year's £8.00 leopard print Primarni wellies, which are strangely available from Miss Selfridge for £22.00 this year. Tapping into affordable designer festival wear, however, I'm happy with my new PPQ mac, available from M&M Direct - £10.

Leopard Print,Primark,Miss Selfridge PPQ,Mac,Festival

Also on my wishlist :
- an amazing playsuit please, floral preferably
- crop tees and high waisted shorts
- print ray bans

Denim,Playsuit,Miss SelfridgeFloral,Playsuit,Miss Selfridge

Print,Ray Ban,Sunglasses,TopShopFrench,Crop top,New Look


Credits :
Denim playsuit : Miss Selfridge : £38.00
Floral playsuit : Miss Selfridge : £35.00
Memphis flat top sunglasses : Topshop : £15.00
C'est Chic crop tee : New Look : £8.00
Floral tee : Wildfox : see website for prices

Any suggestions for playsuits? And what are your festival must-haves?


LetThemEatKate said...

u can borrow mine beautiful. i have twooooo u can borrow :-) with wellys and then take lots of piccys :-) x
p.s i am registing for glastonbury will u come with me next year?

NYCjuicebox said...

ahhh babe you're so sweet. i need to add that kate moss dress to this post lol! yes yes yesss glasto next year would be fabulous, count me in!!! xxxxx

mandi said...

omgggggg the jimmy choo hunter boots are amazing, holy shit i'm buying them ASAP! great post!