Friday, 26 June 2009

I love you M.J. :

I arrived back from Lanzarote at half past four this morning to the devastating news that Michael Jackson had died.


I love M.J.

I remember Earth Song being the first ever music video that I saw on a music channel, aged 5. Needless to say I loved him ever since. A fantastic singer, dancer, entertainer, we often used his music for dance lessons, competitions... and last year, a full show; 'This Time Around'.

I'm wondering what they're going to do about his comeback tour. Refunds? Or better, I'd like to see the biggest Jacko tribute to date, at Wembley, with the likes of Madonna, Justin, Prince and all other music stars that owe a great deal of inspiration to him. And damn I'd be jealous of the people with tickets for that.

If you don't know MJ and his songs so well, don't just listen to the top hits. Here's just a few of my faves :

- They Don't Care About Us
- Butterflies
- Morphine
- Heal the World
- Man in the Mirror
- Scream
- Is It Scary
- The Lost Children

and that really is just a few. Get your little selves on Spotify and listen to the never-ending list of MJ tunes, they're all fab.

All I want to end on is... legend.

RIP,Michael Jackson,Records

xoxo and R.I.P.

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