Thursday, 5 March 2009

Plea to La Lohan :

Bring your curves back!

In a world dominated by fashion, image and size zero models, it is difficult to love what you've been given, but these photos of the usually gorgeous Lindsay Lohan at the opening of Matthew Williamson's new store in New York made me very sad. Lindsay, where have your curves gone? How long has it been since you last ate? Surely, there is no way of becoming this slim, this fast, whilst still eating? I've noticed that in some photos, she is pictured with Rachel Zoe, notorious for suggesting size zero be the norm, and the rest of us... well, we're fat. Durr.
I grew up with La Lohan in Parent Trap, I loved that film and I loved her. However, I feel for girls growing up nowadays... will they think that this is normal? Size zero, body obsession? I really hope not. On a lighter note, here's some photos of Lindsay as her beautiful, curvy self, to remind us that we don't have to be painfully thin to be fabulous. And as Mark Darcy announces perfectly, men will 'Love you just the way you are'.


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