Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Man to Admire :

Dylan Jones, for his impeccable style, impressive track record, and unexpected humour.

As editor in chief at the infamous GQ magazine, I expected a harsh, driven and unforgiving personality to stand before me at the Creative Career's Summit, held today at the University of Derby. Hosting a lecture on climbing the ladder of success in the newspaper and magazine industry, I found Dylan to be a charming, witty man - successful and driven, he was, unapproachable, he was not. As someone who has dreamt of working for a magazine since learning to read and write, it is comforting to know that the editors at large of these fantastical creations are not always the Miranda Priestlys or Daniel Meades that the media often make them out to be. After talking openly about his career and how he has found the industry to be, Mr Jones welcomed questions from students, and even kindly stuck around after for any that were to nervous to ask in front of such a big audience. It is refreshing to see this in someone that has been so successful; so thankyou, Dylan Jones.



LetThemEatKate said...

hes quite cute too lol x

NYCjuicebox said...

did i forget to mention that