Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Green Is The New Black

Tamsin Blanchard is officicially my favourite green goddess... a saviour to us fashionistas who want to be both fashionable and ethical. For those of you who haven't heard, her new book 'Green Is The New Black' is the green bible that we all need.

As an ex-magazine editor, she understands exactly how the world of fashion works. This little green book is full of anything and everything both fashionable and ethical, and even the foreword is by Lily Cole.

My favourite part of the book is the 'Little Green Book' at the back, an invaluable address list of all the eco stores and websites you could ever need - for anything!
And my favourite finds so far...
the eco friendly bag company, Matt & Nat -, and, which stocks almost anything you could ever need in fairtrade or organic.

There's loads of ideas for stuff to do, too... from growing your very own silk worm farm (different, I know!) to making an apron from curtains, to a knitting club.

Tamsin also has a blog,

let me know what you think.


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